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Guest Artist Program

Dance Students The guest artist program is unique to WWCC. There is not another college in the state or region that offers an extensive guest artist program. This program gives you the opportunity to take technique classes and work within the creative process of choreography with professionals working in the field of dance. The guest artists also give you valuable information about the field of dance. You can ask questions and have discussions with the artists about what they are doing, where they were trained and what it is like to be a professional dancer. The program also gives depth to the Desert Dance Concert. Each choreographer has a different style so the dance department tries to bring in three to four guests thus giving variety to the concert. In a one-person department in the fine arts this is imperative. Each artist will challenge you in a different way.

The dance department offers you the opportunity to study dance in a progressive sequence that develops both technique and your performance ability. The sequence challenges both beginners and those who have had previous training. The faculty works to encourage you to become a more articulate mover and a more articulate communicator about dance as an art form.


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