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Advising Notes & Transfer Info

University of Wyoming - General Transfer Information

General Transfer Information for WWCC Education Majors University of Wyoming

The WWCC Education Programs for Elementary, Secondary, and Early Childhood Education have been designed to create a smooth transfer to the University of Wyoming for students completing an Associates Degree in Education at WWCC. We work closely with the university to keep up with any changes that they make and adjust our program as needed. If you follow the WWCC Education Program for your teaching level carefully and complete your Associates Degree, you will be ready for the junior level education curriculum when you transfer to UW! Work carefully with your advisor when planning for the WWCC courses you will take. If in doubt, ask!

For transfer information for the College of Education at the University of Wyoming see the handbook, located here:

UW College of Education Transfer Handbook

For information about the UW Elementary Education Distance Education Program click the link located here:


Wyoming Teacher Shortage Loan Repayment Program

Are you planning to teach special education or secondary math or science or foreign language? Are you considering transferring to the University of Wyoming after finishing your Associates’ Degree at WWCC and then teaching in Wyoming after finishing your teaching degree? This program may be just what you need to continue!The information source for this page is

Students enrolled in programs leading to teacher certification in science, mathematics, foreign language or special education, and who teach within the state of Wyoming after graduation, will have their college loans forgiven under the Wyoming Teacher Shortage Loan Repayment Program (TSLRP).

The 2005 Wyoming State Legislature adopted the program to address the shortage of teachers in the state. Only Wyoming residents or graduates of Wyoming high schools are eligible to participate.

Students participating in the program can “repay” their college loans by working in Wyoming public schools after graduation from UW, teaching special education, mathematics or science or foreign language during at least 50 percent of their work hours.

The legislature provided funds to be used for students who are at least juniors at the University of Wyoming in the teacher education program leading to certification in special education, mathematics, or science or foreign language.

For more information, follow this link!

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