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Student Tools

Engineering courses are demanding but manageable if you have the right tools. The tools that will be available on this page will vary from course to course depending on course type. The courses will have some or all of the following four tools to help with tests and assignments.

Past Exams:
Some classes will have past exams posted. This helps in two ways: One way is to show examples of what type of questions will be asked. Another way is some questions from current exams are taken directly from past exams. Past exams are an excellent way to prepare for an exam in most courses.

Example Assignments:
Some classes will have past student's outstanding assignments posted to give students a model of what an instructor is looking for.

Answer Sheet:
Some classes will have answer sheets posted to allow student to check their work.

Study Tips:
Most classes will have the same tips for study, depending on the type of course. By closely following the tips and utilizing the other tools, a student is almost guaranteed success.

Engineering Planning Flowchart

Orientation to Engineering Field Trip 2008


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