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Exercise Science


What Students Say

The instructors in the Exercise Science Department are easily the best I have had in my academic career; they are focused and fully committed to the learning process.  I never appreciated the ability of my teachers at Western to present material in a way that greatly accelerated my learning-until I left. The instructors really focus on teaching.  The amount of real hands-on learning you get at Western is unparalleled.  If you want to begin learning the fundamental concepts of exercise without wasting time, Western is the place to go.  Normally you have to wait years to begin taking classes that relate to your major, but at Western I was taking these classes my first semester.  Taking these classes early has provided me with a distinct advantage over my other classmates here at the University.  Normally difficult classes like Exercise Physiology and Adult Fitness were mostly review for me.  I owe a large part of my success here at the University of Wyoming to WWCC and its amazing exercise science program.

Kevin Brown, WWCC graduate 2006
Graduate Student /Graduate Assistant in Kinesiology and Health, University of Wyoming

The Exercise Science program at Western Wyoming Community College is an amazing program that has taught much more than I ever expected to learn about the field. The professors in the exercise science program are amazing teachers and role models that have so much to offer the students of the exercise science program. I have been inspired by both the professors and the students to continue my education in the exercise science field. I strongly encourage anyone who is considering the exercise science program at Western to take advantage of the opportunity! I am more than pleased with my education so far!

Kelsey Monk, current WWCC exercise science student

The exercise science program at Western is unique to other undergraduate programs because of the early hands on experience and internships they offer as part of the program. Many students do not receive hands on experience until their junior or senior year of college. I feel that because I was able to complete my degree at Western, I had a head start over many other students at the university level.  I have now completed my undergraduate degree and am currently pursuing my education at the masters’ level. I contribute a majority of my success to the exercise science professors, as well as faculty and staff at Western Wyoming Community College.

Elizabeth Isom, WWCC graduate 2007
Graduate Student/ Graduate Assistant, Utah State University

The exercise program at Western was great; I felt that I learned everything that I would need to pursue further education or a career. The exercise science professors are amazing, and getting a chance to use some technology that is not available to most Exercise Physiology students was a great advantage. The small class numbers were also something that was very beneficial. It was a great program.

Shawn Coryell


Shawn Coryell
Shawn Coryell, WWCC graduate 2009
Undergraduate student in Biology, Weber State University

For me, the greatest parts of the Exercise Science program at Western are the professors in the exercise science department. No other teachers have had as much impact on my life. Their instruction is what makes the Exercise Science program as great as it is.




Erin HinselyErin Hinesley, current WWCC exercise science student

I have to say that I love this field. It has been very rewarding. I chose this program because it was what I needed to do in order to become a personal trainer. I have always been a question asker and I wanted to know why and how things happened when you exercised. I wanted to be able to give the correct and most up-to-date information to my clients. I didn't know that the small size of the program would be so beneficial to me as a student. I felt as though I already had one strike against me coming in as a non-traditional student who was much older than the general college population. The program is small enough that you get to know your fellow students on a personal level much better, but not too small that you feel isolated from the rest of the college. The time that the professors are able to spend with you is increased and the education that you can receive is phenomenal. I would recommend this program to anyone who is interested in becoming involved in any sort of physical activity related field.

Jamie Schulze, current WWCC exercise science student

The hands on learning, small class sizes and personal attention that Western offers is extraordinary.   I started my education as an adult student, wife and mother of two.  Western made things a lot easier for me to be all those things at once and succeed.  With the flexibility of evening and weekend classes, I was able to complete my degree in the two years.  WWCC and the Exercise Science program is all about active learning.  During my two years at Western I also received my Personal Training Certification through the American Council on Exercise.  A certification that proved very beneficial to my career.  I since worked as a fitness instructor, personal trainer the Women’s Health & Fitness Advisor for my community. I have been asked to join the American Council on Exercise team in San Diego at the 2009 Health & Fitness Symposium, an absolutely extraordinary opportunity. I am currently launching my own Lifestyle Heath & Wellness Consulting Studio called Next Phase Fitness. I am very excited to be offering services for post therapy, cardiac rehab, pre-/post-natal and those seeking lifestyle changes.  I use every portion of knowledge that I gained at Western Wyoming Community College and reflect on that often.  

Stephanie LongsonStephanie Longson, WWCC graduate 2007
Personal trainer and business owner

 Get more than textbook knowledge here at Western! Our professors and instructors are not only extremely knowledgeable about what they teach, but they care about our learning experience.





Twila Knight, current WWCC exercise science student


For more information please contact Dorothy Harton at or at (307) 382-1711.

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