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Graduate Comments

“I felt that Problem Based Learning was the best way to teach nursing.  I have seen second year students at our hospital who are taught by lecture:  they are not up to speed with the knowledge or clinical skills…” Stephanie G

“I moved away and found that compared to other grads, I was more independent and ready to be on my own sooner……I feel as though the program at WWCC was great for me.  I do think Problem Based Learning is a great learning experience.”  Robin S

“I did orientation with other new grads.  I was able to articulate myself and my abilities and was confident in my ability and knowledge.”  Jody K 

“Western Wyoming's nursing education has really provided me with a heads up as far as critical thinking goes and has been very beneficial. Many of my orientation preceptors made comments to the effect that it appeared I was very prepared for this assignment and RN role."  Mike T

"PBL was an amazing learning process. I believe that I was able to learn more and retain more information by simply using the PBL process." Angie T

THANK YOU! WWCC's PBL Nursing program  is the BOMB...It prepared me in so many ways to be an independent, critical thinking RN!  You can use this for our web page and sign it. “Kelly, RN”

Employer Comments

“The WWCC Nursing student graduate has demonstrated excellent skills for a beginning nurse.  If she is representative of your graduates, you have an excellent nursing program.”   Darrin R.

“The graduate from WWCC Nursing Program is much better at critical thinking and organization versus RNs coming out of other colleges.”  Marianne A. RN

“The nursing graduate is a joy to work with……......her education at WWCC prepared her for this job.”  Lori N. RN

Student Comments

Comment on distance learning: "It has been an amazing experience for me and I feel like my group is really having great conversations, and really talking things through.  I was hesitant at first, but it has proven to be great on my family as far as not having to travel and very beneficial to myself.  Thank you so much for this opportunity."  Linsey - Nursing III student

“Best nursing program EVER! And an added bonus...the instructors are remarkable! A rewarding career is one thing but a rewarding education to reach your dreams and goals...indescribable! Kori, Nursing IV



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