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The nursing faculty subscribes to the stated mission, vision, guiding principles, and student learning outcomes for student success of WWCC and WWCC Nursing Program. We believe in the intrinsic value and worth of every person. We believe that health is a state of homeostasis influenced by forces impacting on the person. Nursing is a practice-oriented discipline that uses evidenced-based knowledge derived from the biological, physical, and behavioral sciences to provide safe and humanistic care to persons, families, groups, and communities. The art and science of nursing is the nucleus of the interdisciplinary health care system. We believe the goal of nursing is to use the nursing process and clinical judgement to promote and maintain health, prevent disease and disability, care for and rehabilitate the sick, and support the dying. Nursing education must have a strong clinical focus and allow opportunity to apply the theoretical component of nursing.

Learning is a dynamic lifelong process, occurring in the cognitive, psychomotor, and affective domains. Learning is the joint responsibility of the educator and the learner with each assuming the responsibility for learning and continued self-development. The role of the educator is to facilitate learning and leadership by providing an environment wherein students have the opportunity to establish goals, examine various means of attaining them, and evaluate the course of actions selected. Practitioners of nursing have a responsibility for professionalism and the mentoring of others.

  The Six Student Learning Outcomes for the Associate Degree Nurse are:

bulletCommunicate Competently
bulletSee Issues From Multiple Perspectives
bulletDevelop Life Skills
bulletSolve Problems
bulletRetrieve Information
bulletApply Therapeutic Nursing Interventions




The mission of the WWCC Nursing Program is to:

checkEducate students to become competent, beginning nurses.
checkCreate an environment that facilitates independent learning, critical thinking, mutual respect, and free expression.
checkProvide access to nursing education throughout southwestern Wyoming.
checkDesign learning experiences to reflect current health care trends, nursing practice, and research.
checkCultivate intellectual and personal growth in faculty and students.
checkPromote student appreciation for lifelong learning to maintain competence and reach maximum potential.
checkProvide and promote mechanisms for student educational mobility among the levels of nursing.   

Rev 12/17/13


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