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Why Western


Western Wyoming Community College Associate Degree Nursing Program provides an innovative, high quality nursing program using a Problem Based Learning format.  Problem Based Learning is an interactive, student driven learning experience that uses realistic case studies to enable students to see the whole patient.  There are no traditional lectures.  In addition to learning nursing theory, students learn to be productive in a group, develop teamwork and interpersonal communication skills, and  to evaluate their own performance.  All of these skills are essential in the workplace. 

WWCC uses technology to assist in preparing nursing students for practice.  Simulation mannequins and technology give the student the opportunity to practice complex nursing in a safe environment.  All nursing exams are computerized, which prepares the students to take the national licensing exam.  All theory is available via distance modalities allowing students to work from home but integrated with a variety of faculty and other students throughout the service area. Students may need to travel for lab, clinical and simulation.

Western Wyoming Community College serves a significant number of students who live outside of the Rock Springs and Green River area.  In an effort to meet the needs of all students, the nursing department has several options that help students participate in the nursing program.

  • Nurses courses will be available via distance learning methods.
  • Some clinical experiences are available in outreach sites throughout the service area.
  • All nursing students will attend some learning experiences out of town.

Outcomes for WWCC graduates are high.  WWCC pass rates on the national licensing exam are consistently above both the state and national averages.  Graduates from the program enjoy excellent employment rates.  Satisfaction among graduates and employers is superior.  Graduates  and employers often comment that graduates of WWCC function at a higher level than other new grads.  Refer to graphs for outcomes.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Nursing Department: or call (307) 382-1713.

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