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Nish Ferrero
Spanish Instructor
Office: 1419
Phone: 307-382-1798

My name is Ignacia Ferrero, but most people call me “Nish”. I was born and raised here in Rock Springs.  My father is from northern Spain in the Basque region and when I was 8 years old my grandfather came from Spain to live with my family and that’s how I learned Spanish.  I have always wanted to teach and travel!  I have my BA in Spanish & my MA in Foreign Languages and Literature from the University of Nevada-Reno.  In between my BA & MA I came back to Wyoming and taught Spanish at night as an adjunct for Western and I also taught at an elementary school K-6 Spanish during the day.  In the end I discovered that I loved teaching college-level Spanish so I decided to go on to get my MA, and when a full-time position opened here I was more than excited to come back to Western!  

I have traveled to Spain 13 times and have been to Mexico twice and a few other non-Spanish-speaking countries here and there.  I enjoy learning, traveling and cooking and I think the best part of teaching at Western is knowing the students want to be here and because of that, so do I!

Jim Gustafson Jim Gustafson
Associate Professor of Spanish
Office: 1400
Phone: 307-382-1894

°Hola! I joined the faculty at Western in August 2014, having previously taught Spanish at colleges in Utah and Nebraska. Growing up, I lived in many places throughout the U.S. because my father was in the military, so I donít feel like I am "from" anywhere in particular.

For as long as I can remember, I have had a love of languages and other cultures. I studied several languages in high school, and eventually went on to get my BA, MA, and PHD in Spanish.

In addition to studying Spanish in school, I lived in Costa Rica for one semester and I have spent several summers in Spain. I have also traveled extensively in South America. But, Mexico is the Spanish-speaking country that I am most familiar with. I lived in Mexico City for four years, teaching English and working at the U.S. Embassy, but mostly just having a lot of fun!

I feel fortunate to have a job I love that allows me to share my passion for language. If you are taking Spanish, considering it, or just want to chat, please feel free to stop by my office anytime!


If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at:

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