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Musical Theatre


Musical TheatreThe Musical Theatre Program offers students the opportunity to study the individual art forms of Theatre, Music, and Dance, along with the core of the program which is the study of how the three relate and synergize to form the unique art of Musical Theatre. The program takes an intensive hands-on approach with emphasis on an organic process leading to a truthful and energized performance. General education courses also assist students as they make choices concerning their future. Musical Theatre is a demanding field often requiring more than four years of study. Based upon the individual studentís career objectives, the student may choose between the five-semester Associate of Fine Arts (A.F.A) Degree and the four-semester Associate of Arts (A.A) degree.


The Associate of Fine Arts degree is offered for students considering careers as professional performing artists. The course work will prepare a student for professional work, but additional education is highly recommended. The AFA degree is an intensive study in the application of the art form and prepares students to transfer into Bachelor of Fine Arts or Bachelor of Arts programs at a four-year university. The AFA is a well-rounded degree in the performing arts and is also ideal for preparing a student for the diverse demands teachers face in the performing arts. The degree is designed to give the student an essential core of classes in Music, Dance, Theatre and Musical Theatre. All of the courses must be taken.

The total credit requirements for the AFA in Musical Theatre are between 85-88 credits. Please be advised that this is an intensive course of study well beyond the scope of most associate degree programs (which are around 64 credits). Students planning to transfer to a four-year university should consult the catalog of the school of their choice for comparison and for the number of credits accepted in the transferring process. A student may choose to spread their course work over a three year period depending on their personal abilities or the need to take developmental course work (pre-college level classes) in reading, writing, or mathematics.

Program for Associate of Fine Arts Degree in Musical Theatre


The Associate of Arts (A.A) degree is offered for those looking at a more traditional course of study and can usually be completed in four semesters. The AA degree prepares a student to transfer to a Bachelor of Arts program at a four year institution. All AA degrees at Western have the same general education and elective requirements. The following program of study is suggested for students who want to meet the requirements for an AA degree by emphasizing Musical Theatre as their major.

Program for Associate of Arts Degree with emphasis in Musical Theatre


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