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The Welding Technology program has been designed to prepare the student to enter the workforce as a qualified entry-level welder. A Qualified Welder is one who is Certified in one or more welding processes and who has an understanding of the basic requirements of the craft. All Welding Options have been designed to teach the student the welding techniques and processes used in that particular field. Emphasis will be placed on welding safety and weld quality.

The welding lab at Western Wyoming Community College is an American Welding Society Accredited Testing Facility. As such, as students go through our program, they will be given the opportunity to pass weld qualification tests. If successful, students will be issued Welder Performance Qualification Test records to verify their skills.
Jobs available to Certified Welders include: Plant Maintenance Welder (Power Plants, Chemical Plants, Oil Refineries), Oilfield Facilities/Pipeline Welding, Fabrication Shop Fitter/Welders, and many others. Plant Operators - Welding

Program for A.A.S. Degree in Welding Technology Mine Maintenance Option


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