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Résumé Tutorial

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How to write a résumé

Before you type a single word of your résumé you need to know where and how it will be used; you need to carefully examine the job advertisement or job description for the position you are interested in.  Both of these will tell you what types of skills, experience and education a prospective employer is looking for and the items you will want to highlight in your résumé.  

Make sure you use bulleted sentences in your résumé, these create and maintain a professional look plus they make it much easier for a potential employer to scan your résumé and absorb content.

Make sure you use a font that is easy to read and in size 11-12.

Use formatting that is uniform throughout your résumé, if you indent or highlight one area make sure you use that same style everywhere

Pay attention to verb tense.

Make sure you PROOFREAD your résumé and when you’re done have someone else proofread it—do not trust the spellchecker on your computer.

As a general rule try and keep your résumé to a single page

When you print your résumé use white or off-white résumé paper.

Use action words in your statements, they give your résumé strength.

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