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Résumé Tutorial

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The purpose of a résumé

The résumé is one of the most important items in your job search toolkit.

bulletIt stimulates employer interest and opens the door for an interview

bulletIt allows you to showcase your relevant qualifications, skills, experience and personal qualities

bulletIt provide a framework to keep the interview on track

Think of yourself as the brand and your resume as a powerful marketing piece that sells your most important qualifications and how they relate to the position you want.

A great résumé:

bulletProvides a summary of your most relevant accomplishments, experiences, education and training; it's not just a history of your previous jobs and education

bulletIs concise and to the point-keep in mind the average employer will only spend 2-3 minutes reading your resume

bulletLets potential employers know what you have to offer and how you can make a significant contribution to their company or team

bulletClearly shows how your experiences and qualities will benefit the employer


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