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Types of Colleges

There are three basic types of colleges and universities in the United States. These include:

bulletJunior and Community Colleges:  Western Wyoming Community College belongs in this category.  These schools usually offer two-year degrees (called associate's) or certificates.  There are generally two types of degrees: (1) technical training in a specific profession; and (2) academic programs for students who plan to transfer to a four-year college or university.

bulletColleges:  These institutions offer four-year degrees (called bachelor's) and some offer a master's degree.  Universities may be comprised of many different colleges.

bulletUniversities:  These institutions offer professional degrees (such as law or medicine), degrees through the doctoral level, master's and bachelor's degrees.  The University of Wyoming is the only such school in the state of Wyoming.

Private Versus Public Institutions

Unlike many countries where higher education is supported primarily by the government, higher learning institutions in the United States can be public or private.

The state or community in which it is located finances a public institution.  Western Wyoming Community College is a public institution.  Public institutions are required to accept all eligible students.  Tuition is often much lower than at private schools.  Public institutions are usually funded through tax dollars.

Tuition, individual donors and grants provide financial support for a private institution.  The tuition at private institutions is usually very expensive.


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