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Compass Testing Information


ALL students who are degree seeking or full-time at Western Wyoming Community College must take the COMPASS test. The test is designed to determine the student’s level of ability. The College’s aim is to place the student in the course best suited to meet his/her particular skills. COMPASS can help in determining your strengths and challenges in the areas of writing, reading and math. These are not graded exams and will not keep you out of Western. The results simply aid in identifying starting courses that will best suit your abilities.

COMPASS is a completely computerized test. The test is adaptive, meaning that it administers questions based on your answers. If you answer easy questions correctly, then the computer will move on to questions that are more difficult.

The test is divided into three parts:

Mathematics:   This can consist of questions ranging from numerical skills to trigonometry. The questions based on previous questions until it can determine the appropriate math placement.

Writing: This consists of several passages that must be revised. The passages contain errors of usage and mechanics or rhetorical skills.

Reading: This provides a passage for the student to read, after which, you will answer questions about material directly stated in the passage. You will also be asked questions that you must infer the appropriate answer from the given information.

To register to take the Compass Placement Exam call (307) 382-1600 and schedule a time.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at:

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