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New Student Registration


Great job! You are ready to take the next step in becoming a student at Western Wyoming Community College.

Step One:

Prior to your individual advising appointment or registration program, begin the WWCC Admissions process:

bulletApply for admission

bullet Submit official transcripts for the last high school attended (must be an accredited high school) and previous colleges attended (if any). Students who completed high school equivalency 5 or more years before the date of application are only required to submit a copy of their diploma or GED certificate.

bullet Take the COMPASS placement test before the Registration Program or your individual advising appointment. COMPASS is also available at the Green River Center and WWCC Outreach offices. Contact them directly for details.

bullet Please bring a Photo ID to the COMPASS placement test. COMPASS is designed to determine the student's level of ability. It is not a pass/fail exam. We aim to place the student in the course best-suited to meet their particular skills. In some cases, developmental courses are required before students may enter college-level courses.

bullet You must complete the COMPASS placement testing or have qualifying ACT scores (minimum 23 Math, 18 English, 20 Reading) before attending the Registration Program or your individual advising appointment.

bullet All new students must pay a $250 intent deposit at the January 9th Registration Program. Cash, checks, Visa and MasterCard are accepted. Students with proof of $250 or more in financial aid are not required to pay an intent deposit. See page 5 of the Spring Schedule of Classes for more information.

bullet Complete WWCC's Online Orientation: Once you have progressed through 11 modules, completing quizzes at the end of each module, you will be assigned a WWCC academic advisor who will assist you with course selection and registration during the program or at your individual advising appointment. The online orientation takes about two hours to complete. You can return to the online orientation at any time to refer to information you may want to re-learn or remember.

Step Two:

Two options are available for Orientation and Registration:

New WWCC students (including students who earned college credit while in high school) and transfer students with less than 12 transfer credits or a college GPA below 2.00 are required to select one of the following options:

1. Online Orientation (Step One above) and Individual Advising Appointment (Step 2, Option One below)

2. Online Orientation (Step One above) and On-Campus Registration Program (Step 2, Option Two below)

OPTION 1: Individual Advising Appointment

Upon completion of the online orientation, students should schedule an individual advising appointment with the ACE IT Center at 307-382-1660.

The WWCC Online Orientation in Step One will have provided you with the same information as the on-campus registration programs below.

Individual Advising Appointments will not be scheduled after December 19th.

    Call the ACE IT Center at 307-382-1660

    - OR -


OPTION 2: Group Registration Programs

One Day Only: Friday, January 9th at 1:00 PM

Space is limited, so register early. Check-in begins half an hour prior to the start of the program at the Pendulum outside the WWCC Bookstore.

During the program, you will:

bullet Meet with WWCC faculty, staff, and other students
bullet Learn about services and meet with academic advisors
bullet Learn to how use our online services: Mustang Cruiser and Mustang WebAdvisor
bullet Get advised and registered for your Spring 2015 classes in about 3 hours!
bullet Get your Student ID

Childcare is available for sessions on the WWCC campus. Contact Brenda Haskins at (307) 382-1660 or (800) 226-1181, ext. 1660, for details.

    Sign Up for the Group Registration Program


If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at:

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