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Continuous Quality Improvement


Graduation Requirement

All students graduating from Western Wyoming Community College with a degree, AA, AS, AAS, or AFA, must participate in assessment of student learning.  Students must complete one of the following options:

1. HMDV 2411_NT (using MyFolio)
        a. 0-credits; pay nothing for this pass/fail option
        b. Take 2 online tests and submit 3 student work samples
        c. Self-paced online option hosted through Mustang Cruiser
        d. May be completed in as little as 3 hours any time during the semester

2. HMDV 2410
        a. 1-credit with due dates for graded assignments
        b. Take 2 online tests, submit 3 student work samples, and 11 other assignments
        c. 8-week online course hosted through Blackboard

3. HMDV 2411_01
        a. 0-credit pass/fail Assessment Day; lunch will be provided
        b. Take 2 paper/pencil tests and submit 3-4 student work samples on campus
        c. On the College campus doing testing and presenting work samples on April 9


If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at: call 307-382-1720

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