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Continuous Quality Improvement


Program-level Assessment

Assessment at the program level is conducted by program leaders, and takes place in three distinct pieces:

bulletProgram Review Portfolio—During each academic year, 20% of the College’s programs participate in a review portfolio. The review committee is comprised of a program leader, division chair, other program members, and a participant from outside the program. The Portfolio consists of program-level goals, data-gathering, assessment of data in regards to the goals, and an Action Plan for moving forward.

-Click Here for the 2010 Program Review Portfolio Manual.

bulletFollow-up on the Action Plan —Each program will participate in the follow-up process for three years following the review year. Follow-up documentation asks that programs report on the actions taken in the previous year, and then update the Action Plan for two years into the future. This process ensures that progress is made on those actions or tasks identified as necessary.

-To see the Action Plan Followup Template Click Here.

bulletAssessment Record—Annually, programs complete documentation recording assessment results. Assessment results may include program-specific information from the following sources: CAAP/MAPP scores; UW transfer data; sales, enrollment, or participation numbers; and survey results. Ideally, each program should seek out Multiple Measures by which to evaluate attainment of its program-level goals.

-To see the Instructional Programs Assessment Record Template Click Here
-To see the Administrative Support Services Assessment Record Template Click Here.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at: call 307-382-1720

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