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Full-time Student Accidental Injury Policy

Who Is Covered?
All WWCC students carrying 12 or more credit hours.

Period of Coverage
First day of classes through the end of enrollment for the Fall and Spring semester.

This policy acts secondary to any other existing insurance policy. Policy can act as primary if the injured student has no other insurance coverage. In some cases, proof of non-coverage will be required. This policy will pay up to $1500 for an accidental injury. Covers reasonable and customary costs of X-rays, laboratory work, hospital stays, physician's fees, ambulance, medicines, and surgical appliances incurred as the result of any one accident.

NOTE: Benefits and payments will be as defined in the policy provided by the insurance carrier. The College makes no guarantee and assumes no responsibility for the payment of any claims not covered by the policy or paid by the carrier.

Time Limits
Notice of an injury must be reported to the Vice President for Student Success office within 7-10 days from the date of the injury. Students must seek medical attention from a licensed medical provider within 180 days of the initial injury date.


  1. Illness

  2. Filing medical claims and/or seeking medical attention later than the required time limits.

  3. Service rendered by the Policyholder's infirmary, infirmary employee or salaried physicians, including team physician and trainer of the Policyholder.

  4. Replacing eyeglasses or prescriptions thereof.

  5. Preventative medicine or vaccines.

  6. Injury due to participation in a riot, civil strife or commotion.

  7. Cosmetic surgery, except as the result of injury occurring while the policy is in force as the Insured Person.

  8. Accident occurring as a consequence of riding as a passenger or otherwise in any vehicle or device of aerial navigation, except as fare paying passenger in an aircraft operated by a scheduled airline maintaining regular published schedules on a regular established routing.

  9. Declared or undeclared war or any act thereof.

  10. Claims covered by another insurance plan.

  11. Injury for which benefits are payable under any Worker's Compensation.

  12. Injury sustained while in the service of the Armed Forces of any country.

  13. Injury sustained as a consequence of participating in the play or practice of intercollegiate sports.  The exception to this is men and women’s basketball, wrestling, women’s volleyball, men and women’s soccer, cheerleaders and the Crimson Rock Dance squad.

  14. Injury sustained in consequence of the Insured Person being intoxicated or under the influence of any alcohol or narcotic unless administered on the advice of a physician.

  15. Elective surgery or treatment.

  16. Injuries occurring before or after coverage period.

Filing For Benefits
In the event of a claim, the student should:

  • If at the College, report at once to the Vice President for Student Success Office (room 3011). See Debi Monroe.

  • If away from the College, consult a qualified doctor or hospital for treatment and upon returning, report promptly to the Vice President for Student Success for instruction in filing for benefits.

  • All accidents should be reported within 7-10 days of the accident. An Accident Claim form, any notice(s) of "Explanation of Benefits" from the student's primary insurance company, AND any itemized medical bills (received to date) must be provided to Debi Monroe, Vice President for Student Success office, within 30 days after the accident. Any additional itemized bills for this injury must be submitted within 90 days after the date of such loss.

Accident Claim forms may be obtained from the Vice President for Student Success office.

Questions? Contact Debi Monroe, Vice President for Student Success (307-382-1655), room 3011.



If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at:

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