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Message from Thunder


ThunderMy name is Thunder the Mustang and I am the mascot for Western Wyoming Community College.  When I was asked to write this month’s Lifelong Learning article as a guest writer, I was very excited and honored to do so.  And, I am asking you newspaper readers to share my article with your children – ask them to take a few minutes and read what I am writing, as it pertains to them as well.

Being a mascot is very fun.  I get to help the Cheerleaders cheer on the WWCC Athletic teams during their competitions and I get to interact with the crowd.  I love shaking hands with the kids and having my pictures taken with them.  Children are our future-they are Future WWCC students and student-athletes. 

I truly believe athletics is an important part in the healthy life of an academic institution.  In some ways it is the front porch to our community college. Athletics inspires a sense of identity, passion and competition for our student-athletes.  It also carries the message of excellence.  When you see what our student-athletes are able to accomplish in the classroom and on the court, playing field and mat, the number of hours they dedicate to the delicate balance of practice, competition, classroom, study and social well-roundedness, it is absolutely an inspiration to all of us.

This past school year, our women’s basketball team was honored for having the highest GPA among all of the women’s basketball teams in the National Junior Collegiate Athletic Association.  This is the second year in a row they have received this recognition.  Our Men’s Basketball team received 2nd place honors and was 5th overall in 2008-2009.  The WWCC Women’s Soccer team had the 12th highest GPA among Women’s Soccer teams this past year, and the Wrestling team was recognized as the NJCAA Wrestling Coaches Association’s Academic Team of the Year for 2009-2010.

My work here at Western isn’t all play however.  Being the mascot means I represent the entire college, not just the athletic department.   As school has now gotten underway, I know you young people are trying to balance your schedules.  This is no small task.  You have schoolwork, homework, chores, jobs, extracurricular activities, hobbies and friends and family to pay attention to on a daily basis.  It is also very important for you to get enough rest and to eat good foods.  I want to encourage you to always do your very best in all that you choose to do.  Don’t forget to devote the time necessary to all of your responsibilities, not just the ones you may enjoy the most.  Our athletes at WWCC are good at their particular sports, but they need to strive to be equally devoted to their jobs as students and good citizens.  And, as WWCC’s mascot, I am even more proud of them for those efforts.  Remember, it is not as important that you try to be THE best, but to do YOUR best!  Thank you and Go Mustangs!



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