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Career Services and Job Placement


Interviewing is an important skill that you can improve over time. Answer the following questions after each interview in order to develop an effective interviewing style.

Did you arrive on time?
Were you appropriately dressed?
Did you maintain your poise? How about eye contact?
Did you have sufficient knowledge about the position and organization before the interview?
Did you present your skills and accomplishments effectively?
Did you ask intelligent questions of the interviewer?
Did you learn enough about the job to make a decision about accepting or rejecting the position?
Did you listen to what was "behind" the questions and respond accordingly?
Were there any mannerisms that intruded on the effective presentation of your credentials?
Would you hire yourself for the position if you were the interviewer?


Mark Rembacz
Career Services and Placement Coordinator

Peg Larson
Occupational/Student Success Advisor

Brenda Haskins
Career Services and Job Placement Assistant

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