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Career Services and Job Placement



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Management Audio Tapes

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College Catalogs

Career Services and Job Placement
 Book Inventory 

A Foot in the Door


2000 Education Catalog – Gemological Institute of America

2500 Keywords to Get You Hired

20,000+ Words

101 Dynamite Answers to Interview Questions

101 Dynamite Questions to Ask at your Job Interview

101 Great Answers to the Toughest Job Search Problems

101 Great Resumes

5th Ed. High Impact Resumes and Letters

99 Surefire Ways to Stay Unemployed

Always in Style

America's Fastest Growing Jobs

America’s Federal Jobs, 2001 (2nd Edition)

America’s Top Technical and Trade Jobs

America’s Top Jobs for College Graduates

America’s Top Jobs for People Without a Four-year Degree

America's Top Resumes for America's Top Jobs

An Honest Day’s Work: Motivating Employees to Give Their Best

Apprenticeship for Adulthood

Attacking Absenteeism

Attitude: The Choice is Yours

Attitude:  Your Most Priceless Possession

Basic Arrhythmias

Best Jobs for the 21st Century

Best Keywords for Resumes, Cover Letters, and Interviews

Best Resumes for College Students and New Grads

Big Red Book of Resumes

Building a Great Resume

Career Change

Career Counseling of College Students

Career Development

Career Directions -3rd Edition

Career Exploration on the Internet ‘ 2nd Edition

Career Guide to America’s Top Industries

Career Guide to Industries

Career Opportunities for Minority College Graduates

Career Opportunities in the Armed Forces

Career Options Planner

Career Planning in Criminal Justice

Career Preparation: Getting the Most From Training and Education

Career Shock: Make Your Career Happen for You, Not to You

Career Success for People with Physical Disabilities

Career Training in Two Years or Less

Careers in Business

Careers in Medicine

Climbing Your Way to the Bottom

Colleges for Careers in Allied Health (included disk)

College Degrees you can earn From Home

Communicating with Employers

Communication Works

Cool Careers for Girls as Crime Solvers

Cool Careers for Girls in Air and Space

Cool Careers for Girls with Animals

Cool Careers for Girls in Computers

Cool Careers for Girls in Construction

Cool Careers for Girls in Engineering

Cool Careers for Girls as Environmentalists

Cool Careers for Girls in Food

Cool Careers for Girls in Health

Cool Careers for Girls in Law

Cool Careers for Girls in Performing Arts

Cool Careers for Girls in Sports

Cool Careers for Girls in Travel and Hospitality

Cover Letters for Dummies

Cover Letters that Knock 'em Dead

Cover Letter Almanac

Creating a Career Portfolio

Cyberspace Job Search Kit

Cyberspace Resume Kit

Dare to Change your Job and Your Life

Designing the Perfect Resume

Dictionary of Occupational Titles Vol. I and II

Directory of Services -- Developmental Disabilities 

Directory of Wyoming – Licensed Occupations

Discover the Best Jobs for You -- 4th Edition

Discover What You’re Best At

Do you have. What it Takes U.S. Marine Corps Officer Program

Dynamite Cover Letters

Dynamite Resumes: 101 Great Examples and Tips for Success

e Resumes

Effective Answers for Interview Questions

Electronic Resumes & Online Networking


Encyclopedia of Job-Winning Resumes

Enhanced Occupational Outlook Handbook – 3rd Edition

Expert Resumes for Computer and Web Jobs

Expert Resumes for Manufacturing Careers

Expert Resumes for People Returning to Work

Expert Resumes for Teachers and Educators

FBI Careers

Federal Jobs

Financial Aid for Hispanic Americans

First Things First

Flight Attendant Job Finder

Follow Your Colors to the Work You Live

Free & Inexpensive Career Materials

Gallery of Best Resumes

Gallery of Best Resumes for 2 Year Degree Graduates

Gallery of Best Resumes for People Without a Four-Year Degree

Getting a Good Job and Getting Ahead

Getting and Keeping the job you Want

Getting Interviews Including Answering Internet Ads

Getting Ready to Work

Getting the Job You Want

Goals & Goal Setting

Good Jobs in 1 Year or Less

Great Careers in 2 Years

Great Careers in 2 Years

Great Jobs for Engineering Majors

Guide for Occupational Exploration (2)

Guide to Law Enforcement Careers

Headhunters Confidential

Health-Care Careers for the 21st Century

Health Care Job Explosion

Hidden Job Market

High Impact Resumes & Cover Letters

High Skill-High Wage Jobs

Hook Up, Get Hired

Hoover’s Hot 250: The Stories Behind America’s Fastest Growing Companies

Hot Healthcare Careers

How to Get a Job and Keep It

How to Get Interviews from Classified Job Ads

How to Help Your Child Choose a Career

How to Write a Resume If You Didn't Go to College

I Have to Fire Someone

Information Interviewing: What It Is and How to Use it in Your Career

Internet Resumes

Internships 2004

Internships – The Largest Source of Internships Available

Interviewing More Than A Gut Feeling

Joy Choices in Business

Job Choices in Science, Engineering & Technology

Job Hunting for Dummies

Job Hunting in the 21st Century

Job Interview Almanac

Job Interview Tips for People with Not-So-Hot Backgrounds

Job Interviews for Dummies

Job Opportunities – Business

Job Opportunities – Engineering & Computer Science

Job Opportunities – Health & Science

Job Performance & Chemical Dependency

Job Savvy: How to be a Success at Work

Job Search: Handbook for People with Disabilities

Job Search Tactics

Job Shift

Jobs that Pay

Killer Interviews

Knowing Yourself: Learning About Your Skills, Values and Planning Your Life

Leadership Skills for Women

Life Strategies

Majoring in Engineering

Making Decisions: Learning to Take Control of Your Life

Making Meetings Work

Man, I Need a Job!

Managing Disagreement Constructively: Conflict Management in Organizations

Military Resumes & Cover Letters

Military-to-Civilian Resume Workbook

National American University Catalog

No One is Unemployable

No One Will Hire Me!

O’Net Dictionary of Occupational Titles

Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2004-2005

Occupational Outlook Quarterly

Opening College Doors

Opportunity for Women – The Directory of Women’s Organizations

Paralegal Career Guide ‘ 2nd Edition

Peak Performance - Success in College and Beyond – 3rd Edition

Peterson's Scholarship Almanac 2003

Planning & Designing Effective Web Sites

Portfolio Power

Post Office Jobs

Preparing for the Behavior-Based Interview

Preparing for Work

Principle Centered Leadership

Professional’s Job Finder

Quick Guide to Career Training in Two Years or Less

Quick Guide to College Majors and Careers

Quick Prep Careers:  Good Jobs in 1 Year or Less

Quick Resume & Cover Letter Book

Resume Catalog:  200 Damn Good Examples

Resume Magic

Resumes, Cover Letters & Interviewing

Resumes for Nursing Careers

Resumes for Re-entry – A Handbook for Women

Resumes That Knock 'em Dead

Savvy Interviewing

Scholarship Almanac

Scholarships, Grants & Prizes

Self-Esteem and Getting Ahead

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Guide to Employers

So, You Want to Join the Peace Corps ...


Start Now – Succeed Later

Starting a New Job

Strategies - Getting and Keeping the Job you want

Student Financial Aid and Scholarships at Wyoming Colleges

Student Success

Students Guide to the Hottest Jobs

Success Abilities

Summer Jobs for Students

Supervising Employees with Disabilities

Sweaty Palms: The Neglected Art of Being Interviewed

Team Building

Teamwork & Team Play

Telephone Courtesy & Customer Service

Ten Tools for Quality

The 2004 Hispanic Scholarship Directory

The 90 Minute Resume

The ABC's of Network Composer

The Anxiety & Phobia Workbook

The Big Book of Jobs

The Business of Listening

The Business Student Writer’s Manual

The Career Finder

The Changing Roles of Women in the Criminal Justice System

The Comma

The Complete Q&A Job Interview Book - 3rd Edition

The End of the Job Search

The Enhanced Guide for Occupational Exploration

The Everything – Cover Letter Book

The Everything -- Get a Job Book

The Everything – Hot Careers Book

The Everything -- Job Interview Book

The Everything – Online Job Search Book

The Everything – Resume Book

The Ex-Offender’s Job Search Companion

The Federal Resume Guidebook

The Improvement Process

The Internet

The Interview:  Mastering the Interview

The Job Hunting Handbook

The Learning Guide to the Internet

The O*Net: Dictionary of Occupational Titles

The Overnight Resume

The Perfect Resume

The Pfizer Guide: Nursing Career Opportunities

The Promotable Woman

The Quick Interview & Salary Negotiation Book

The Resume Handbook

The Right Word III

The Very Quick Job Search Activity Book

The Very Quick Job Search: Get a Good Job in Less Time

The Very Quick Job Search, 2nd Edition

The Women's Job Search Handbook

The Word Book III

The Written Word III

Top Ten Dumb Career Mistakes

Top 2,500 Employers

Tri-State Generation and Transmission Assoc.

Using the Internet and the World Wide Web in Your Job Search

Using the Internet in Your Job Search

VGM's Handbook of Government & Public Service Careers

VGM’s Handbook of Health Care Careers

Vocational & Technical Schools – 4th Edition

What Color is Your Parachute ‘ 2001 Edition

What’s Your Type of Career ‘2001

Where the Jobs Are – 3rd Edition

Who Moved My Cheese?

Wired for Learning -- Career Assessment Battery

Women in Career & Life Transitions

Women’s Job Search

Worldwide Graduate Scholarship Directory – 5th Edition

Writing Effective Resumes: A Complete Guide

Wyoming Next:  A Guide to Life After High School

Your Career:  How to Make It Happen - 4th Edition

Your Career: Thinking About Jobs and Careers

Your College Experience: Strategies for Success

Your First Interview

Your First Thirty Days: Building A Professional Image In a New Job

Your Guide to Online Career Information

Your Perfect Right

Job Placement and Occupational Services Audio Tape Inventory

About Success

Business Essentials for Women

Business Image & Etiquette 

Focus on Time Management – Learn to Take Control of your most Precious Resource

How to Supervise People

It’s All Within Your Reach. How to Live Your Dreams

Loving Each Other

Mastering the Attitude of Achievement

Seeds of Greatness

Success Essentials

The Accomplished Woman

The Confident Woman

The Power of Effective Listening

The Psychology of Achievement

The Secret of Letting Go

The Superwoman Syndrome

Winning with Words Words Words

Yes! You Can Write

Job Placement and Occupational Services Management Audio Tape Inventory

Basic Supervision

Hiring and Firing

How to Achieve Excellence in Customer Service

How To Be a No-Limit Person – Dr Wayne Dyer

How to Recruit, Train & Manage Temporary & Part-time Workers

How to Supervise People

Managing a Successful Team

Managing People

Mega Memory

Mental Toughness Training

Relationship Strategies – How to Deal with the Differences in People

Supervise You Way to Success

The 110% Solution

The Gentle Art of Verbal Self-Defense

The Inner Winner

The Psychology of High Self-Esteem

The Secretarial Seminar

The Success Team

Working Smarter 

Job Placement and Occupational Services CD and Disk Inventory

Career Explorer

Software: I Can’t Believe I Said That, Interview Tips

Software: I Have Looked Everywhere, Interview Tips

Software: Interview Skills of the Future

WomenTech Project Best Practices

Job Placement and Occupational Services Video Tape Inventory

5 Healthy Relationships

10 Steps to Positive Self-Esteem: Ways to Bolster Self-Confidence

A Women in a Man’s World

Access Unlimited Job Search Series

An Introduction to Career Exploration Programs (CEP)

An Introduction to Vocational Interest Assessment System (VIAS-VI)

Become a Master Student Series:

Be Here Now: Power Process #2

Capturing Student Attention

Communicating Self Esteem

Course Overview: What’s in it for You

Disabilities in the Workplace-Working Out

EMT Series: Preview, Patient Assessment

Extraordinary Answers to Common Interview Questions

Find a Bigger Problem: Power Process #11

Finding Your Values: Reaching Your Goals

First Impressions

Fish – Catch the Energy-Release the Potential (1)

Futures – Preparing Young Women for High Skilled, High Wage Careers

Gaining Control: The Reality Model

Gender and Communication: Learning Seed

Goal Setting

Her Own Words Series:

    Women in Building Construction

    Women in Construction

    Women in Dentistry

    Women in Engineering

    Women in Firefighting

    Women in Highway Construction

    Women in Nontraditional Careers

    Women in Policing

    Women in Machining

    Women in Welding

How to be a No-Limit Person

If You Ain’t Gettin’ Better, You’re Gettin’ Worse

Interviewing Skills for Job Seekers with Physical Disabilities

Interviewing: The Key to Employment

Job Interviewing for People with Disabilities

Job Search Methods

Job Search Tactics for People with Disabilities

Learning to Work/Working to Learn (3)

Love Your Problems: Power Process #3

Necessary Skills for the Workplace (What Your Mother Never Told You)

Office Success Skills Assessment

OpScan Data Collection: When Accuracy Matters

Organizing Your Job Search

Resumes & Applications for People with Disabilities

Resumes, Cover Letters, & Interviewing

Self Esteem Video Series

Social Skills at Work

Start Your Job

Stress Management

Student Sharing and Conversation

Succeed In Your Job

Survive On Your Job

Test Taking Strategies

The Career Club Series:

    Job Search Skills for Women in Nontraditional Occupations

    Resume Tips for Women in Nontraditional Occupations

    Job Interview Techniques for Women in Nontraditional Occupations

The Complete Job Search System

The Franklin TIME Management Seminar

The Job Search – Electronic Web-Based Portfolio

The Resume I, II

The Skills Search

What Do You Want?: Introduction to a Student Success Course

Women in Policing

Working Women

Workplace Success Skills Assessment

Your Educational Skills: Don’t Leave Home Without Them

College Catalogs

At the present time, Job Placement and Occupational Services offers students the following college catalogs for their reference:

Aims Community College

Art Institute of Colorado

City University (Bellevue, WA)

Education America Online Campus

Grace University (video)

Montana State University

Preston University

Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design

University of Alaska (video)

University of Nebraska

Weber State


Mark Rembacz
Career Services and Placement Coordinator

Peg Larson
Occupational/Student Success Advisor

Brenda Haskins
Career Services and Job Placement Assistant

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