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Community Education Classes


Custom Lawn Chairs


Instructor: Robert Trujillos

Location: Golden Hour Senior Center

Green River, WY

Dates: M/Th:  4/28/14 to 5/22/14,  1:00 pm-3:00 pm

T: 4/29/14 to 5/27/14,  6:00 pm-9:15 pm

M/Th: 6/2/14 to 6/26/14, 1:00 pm-3:00 pm

T: 6/3/14 to 6/3/14 to 7/1/14, 6:00 pm-9:15 pm

Fee: $67



Instead of throwing out your old lawn chair take a class on macrame chairs and make the old chair new, or start with everything new.  These chairs make great gifts that will last a long time.  Supplies for each chair will be approximately $50.  Supplies are not included in the fee. 


If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at: or call (307)872-1323

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