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Distance Learning



Summer 2014 Internet Courses

Course Inforamation

Internet (NT) 6/2/14 thru 7/24/14
Internet (ENT) 6/3/14 thru 6/26/14
Internet (FNT) 6/30/14 thru 7/24/14
Internet (QNT) start/end dates vary

Note: ALL internet courses require you to have Microsoft Office, basic computer and internet skills and regular access to a computer. MOST internet courses require the purchase of a textbook..

1. Have access to the Internet and MS Word 2003 or higher.
2. Use the e-mail, address provided to you by the college.
3. Look at and adhere to the special requirements for each course.
4. Be comfortable with using a computer and word processing program.
5. Be comfortable sending emails with attachments.

Internet Courses:

Internet courses are NOT self-paced.  They will:
1. Start on the first day of normal classes
2. Have regular deadlines.
3. Require interaction with the instructor and fellow students.

To succeed in an Internet class, you will:
1. Need to be online a minimum of 3 days per week,
2. Be able to study at least 9 hours per week for a 3 credit course,
3. Have strong time-management skills, computer skills, and self motivation.

If you are a rookie at any of these skills, please take the "Intro to Online Learning" course (HMDV 1025) an introductory online learning course, or take the non-credit online courses to strengthen your computer skills.  

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If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at:

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