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Distance Learning


On-Site and Interactive  "Same-Time" Courses

For Interactive Video Course Registration Information call:  800-226-1181 ext.1672
"Same-Time" courses are courses that meet at regularly scheduled times. If you learn best in the traditional classroom with a live teacher at regularly scheduled times, talk to your local Outreach center about which courses will be available.

Compressed Video Courses
Live interactive courses are also available via video systems that are like watching live TV. An instructor is teaching the course from another community in SW Wyoming, while you participate via a video system in your community.

Live interactive video courses are available throughout Wyoming. Every Wyoming high school and each of the Western Wyoming Community College (WWCC) 13-Outreach sites may provide you the opportunity to attend from your location using video technology. However, you must reserve or verify availability of your local school for any event or course before registration. Not all locations offer interactive  video courses. Contact your local WWCC Outreach office  or your local high school to see which of the interactive video courses listed below are available at your preferred site. Note that there are two section designations for video courses. One section denotes the instructor site, such as CV for Rock Springs, VC for Evanston, etc. Courses with the OC section denote that the course is off-campus and not the same location as the course instructor.

What Should Students Do When Technical Difficulties Interrupt a CV Class Session?
If you experience technical difficulties, such that you did not see or hear the entire compressed video session have the facilitator notify technical support immediately by calling the Cheyenne helpdesk at 1-307-777-5000. In the majority of cases, the problem can be resolved quickly if  reported promptly to technical support.

Possible Internet Component
Interactive video courses may include an Internet component to give a dynamic and interactive atmosphere to the class. This component improves communication with the instructor and allows students to obtain course documents from the course site rather than snail mail. The below table will tell you which classes have Internet components and provides you with each instructor’s e-mail address.

Do you have the right computer skills for a video class with Internet component? You must be comfortable using a computer, using a word processor, sending e-mails, and accessing information on the Internet. If you are a rookie at any of the above skills, you may visit your Outreach center to help you access the course site and get started, or call 1-800-226-1181. Another option is to take the "Intro to Online Learning" course (HMDV 1025), an introductory online learning course.

Course Requirements

Verify that Video course delivery is available in your area. Video site must be reserved in advance.
checkRegister for class at Outreach Center, Main Campus, or Online

    Technical Requirements

Internet Access
E-mail Account (provided by WWCC)
MS Word 2007 or Higher
Antivirus Protection
IE 7 or Firefox minimum
Other Software as Noted by Course

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at:

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