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Distance Learning


Internet Courses


Online"Your-Time" Courses

These courses do not meet at a specified time. They "meet" when you decide to work on the assignments on your time.  If you have a complicated work schedule or would just prefer to go to college in the privacy of your home, you may want to consider taking one of our Internet courses.  Internet courses allow you to schedule class times at your convenience.

Instruction for Internet courses is provided by using textbook materials, lessons, and assignments posted on the class web site.  Students upload assignments to the class web site or e-mail the assignments electronically.  Students communicate with instructors/classmates via e-mail or group-threaded discussion.  Exams are taken online (a very small number of courses require proctored testing).  A $35.00 fee is charged, in addition to tuition and textbook costs, for Internet (NT) courses.

Common Questions
What Do You Need to Take an Internet Course?
How Much Time Will it Take?
How Do I Register?

Additional Information
Course Descriptions
Blackboard Tutorial Course

Course Requirements

Register for class at Outreach Center, Main Campus, or online
Check if course has Special Requirements

Technical Requirements

 Internet Access
College Mustang Cruiser E-Mail Account
MS Word 2007 or Higher
Antivirus Protection
Other Software as Noted by Course

Click for Internet Course Schedules

Tech Support

If you discover problems, please contact the Blackboard Help, at 307-382-1686, outside Rock Springs area, call (800) 226-1181.

WWCC is committed to developing quality Internet courses, so watch for new offerings each semester.  We are dedicated to taking advantage of this new and challenging way of delivering quality education.

Can't Find A Course You Need?

If you have any questions/suggestions (including new class proposals) about Internet courses at WWCC please email us at: and someone will contact you shortly!

Online WWCC General Catalog

Onsite and CV Courses


If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at:

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