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Distance Learning


How Much Time Will It Take, Can You Succeed?

An Internet course will meet the same learning goals as a traditionally delivered course.  Therefore, the course will require the same amount of reading and writing as a traditional class--maybe more in some cases.

You must be a well-organized learner to do well in Internet courses.  If you regularly put tasks off to the last minute, are poor at managing your time, or need an instructor or fellow students to motivate you, then you may have difficulties completing an Internet course. 

Plan on 9 hours a week 

When taught through live instruction, most classes meet 3 hours each week. During the live class, you interact with other students, the instructor and the course material.  After class, it takes successful students a minimum of 4- 6 hours of work at home to do the reading and writing required.

In an Internet course, you are doing all of these tasks on your own. You will spend time interacting via the computer and reading and writing.   Expect to spend between 8 and 12 hrs. each week on the average. Some classes will take less time. Do not expect that an Internet class will have less work than a traditional class.


To succeed...  1. Start. Start. Start. 

DO…When assignments are given, read the required sections in the text or on the Internet site on Blackboard to get an idea of what is required. If you have to write something, write a rough draft immediately-- get the juices flowing.  Writing takes time.

DON'T… Put off assignments to the day they are due. Stress will occur, and you won't have the time to ask for help from other students or the instructor.  It will also cause more stress if there are technology challenges when the assignment is due.

2. Talk to each other.  

DO…use e-mail to talk to each other. You are not alone.  In other classes, you talk to other students. Do so in an Internet course--just do it electronically.   

DON'T…assume you are on your own.

3. Read the directions carefully and follow the directions.

DO... read the instructor's directions for each assignment. Print them off the site if that helps. If you don't understand, ask. Ask other students; ask your instructor. 

Internet Courses



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