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Distance Learning


Internet Course Requirements

What do you need to take this Internet class? 
You will need access to a computer connected to the Internet and use an e-mail account provided by WWCC. You may use your computer at home, in the College residence halls if you live on campus, in any of the College computer labs if you are living in Rock Springs or Green River, or on any public computer that has the appropriate software, such as at local libraries or at WWCC Outreach sites. To give first-time users a running start, we have a Blackboard Tutorial Course available online

Web Browser

PC Users

Internet Explorer 8 & Java
Firefox 3.2

Mac Users

Safari & Java
Firefox 3.2

Operating System

PC Users

The minimum operating system needed is Windows XP or higher (Make sure you have installed all of the Critical Updates from Microsoft Windows Update)

Mac Users

The minimum operating system needed is Mac OS 10.3.5 or higher.

Hardware Requirements

PC: 200Mhz+processor, 800x600 monitor (1024x768 recommended, 56k modem or better)

Mac: G3, 800x600 monitor (1024x768 recommended), 56k modem.

Word Processing Software

MS Word 2007 or higher.  Instructors cannot open Word Perfect or Works documents
(.wpd or .wks formats)

Word Processing Skills? 

For all courses, you must understand how to do basic writing in Word, such as how to use spell checker, grammar checker, and basic formatting (bold, italics, underline, fonts, etc).

E-mail account

You must use your WWCC e-mail account.  All WWCC credit students are given an e-mail account through MustangCruiser. Contact the IT Help Desk at (307) 382-1676 or 800-226-1181 to learn how to access your account. 

Antivirus Software

It is strongly recommended to have antivirus protection.  Many Internet providers offer this service, but you should have software installed locally on your home computer.  Viruses could come not only from Internet sites and e-mail, but also from an infected file saved onto a floppy disk, zip disk, CD, etc.  There are several good programs out there.  Two of the best-known ones are Symantec's Norton AntiVirus and McAfee VirusScan.

How Do You Enroll? 
You register through the College by coming into the Registration and Records office on the Rock Springs Campus, the Green River Center office, any WWCC outreach site office or by calling with a credit card to complete your registration.  Online registration is also available by going to the WWCC Admissions and Registration page

How Do You Access the Course Materials?
You will receive a letter in the mail from the Distance Learning Department with your username and password for your Internet Course and your Mustang Cruiser email.   If you have not received your login information or if you are experiencing technical difficulties, please see below for Tech Support information.

How Do You Reach Tech Support?
If you are experiencing any technical difficulties or need platform support, do not hesitate to contact the Distance Learning Department at 307-382-1686.  Out-of-area students may call using our toll free number  1-800-221-1181.

Tech Support email

Blackboard Tutorial Course

Internet Courses


If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at:

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