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Evanston Outreach


Programs for High School Students

Evanston Outreach
307-789-0519 or 307-789-3988

Evanston High School or Horizon High School students that are 16 years of age or older may register for college classes through the Western Wyoming Community College Evanston Outreach. 

Concurrent Enrollment Classes: Concurrent enrollment classes are taught at the high schools. Students registered for concurrent classes receive both college and high school credit. Concurrent enrollment students pay no tuition or textbook fees and classes follow the school district calendar. To be eligible for concurrent enrollment, students must be at least 16 years of age. There are ACT or COMPASS test score requirements that vary based on the class you are taking. Please check with your high school counselor for more information on concurrent enrollment classes.

Evanston Concurrent Courses – SPRING 2014
Requirement – Students must be 16 years of age

Evanston High School Concurrent Courses - SPRING 2014
ART 2488  – Special Projects in Metal Arts I, II, III 
ART 2488  – Special Projects in Metal Arts IV, V, VI
ART 2489  – Special Projects in Graphic Design I, II, III
ART 2495 – Special Workshop: IME - I, II, III
AUTO 1740 - Brake Systems   
BOTK 2810 - Accounting Procedures I
CNTK 1580 - Basic Construction Skills
COMM 1010 – Public Speaking
COSC 1350 – Web Development I
ENGL 1020 – English Composition II
ES 2230 – Computer-Aided Drafting 
ES 2240 – Advanced Computer-Aided Draftng
MKT 1400 - Customer Service
POLS 2000 - Current Issues in American Government
WELD 1755 - Shielded Metal Arc Welding
WELD 1760 - Advanced Shielded Metal Arc Welding
WELD 1840 – Groove Plate Welding
WELD 1860 Welding Fabrication


Evanston Class Schedule

Dual Credit Classes: High school students that meet the age and placement testing requirements may register for college classes taught at the Evanston Outreach and receive both high school and college credit.

High School Advanced Placement (AP) Classes: Evanston High School offers a number of Advanced Placement classes that do not automatically qualify students for college credit upon successful completion of the class. Near the end of an AP class, students that registered and paid in advance are given the opportunity to take a nationally standardized test. College credit is awarded based on each student’s test score.

Things to Consider before Enrolling for Concurrent or Dual Credit classes:
Do I meet the age and academic requirements?
Do I understand that the grade I earn will go on my permanent college transcript?
Have I checked with the colleges I plan to attend upon high school graduation to determine their policy for transferring concurrent enrollment credit?
Should I visit with a college advisor before making a decision to enroll for concurrent or dual credit classes?

If the answer is yes, contact Allen Calmes (307)789-0519


If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at:

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