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Practical Nursing - Outreach


PN Program

Admission Criteria

TEAS Pre-entrance test – Adjusted Individual Total Score

GPA will be based on prerequisite courses completed by the end of spring semester for fall admission. Nursing assistant course not included in GPA

One (1) additional point will be granted if applicant has successfully completed COSC 1200 – Computer Information Systems by the end of spring semester for fall admission


Admission Process

Students are notified in writing of admission criteria and application deadlines. Admission into the nursing program is competitive and based on the cumulative score of points the applicant receives for grade point average, TEASŪ Adjusted Individual Total score, and required computer course completed. Grade point average and TEASŪ Adjusted Individual Total score account for the majority of the total points. Qualified applicants with the highest points are admitted into the nursing program on a space available basis. Applicants will be notified in writing of the results of the admission process. Qualified applicants who have not been admitted are ranked (according to cumulative points) and placed on an alternate list. If positions become available to accommodate additional eligible applicants, those on the alternate list will be notified. Applicants not admitted must reapply for the next year. Re-applicants will be subject to the same scrutiny and consideration as an initial applicant. Applicants who are admitted but decline entrance into the program must re-apply.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at:

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