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Adjunct Support Services in Rock Springs


Where can I store my personal items?
You can store your supplies in the Student Learning Office, room 1349; in the Instructional Support Office, room 1310; or at the Information Desk.

Who can assist me with supplies and secretarial issues?
Assistance for Rock Springs/Green River adjuncts is available from Kaye Goicolea, PT Faculty Secretary, in the Student Learning Office, room 1349.

Where can I hold office hours to meet with students?
Seven individual study rooms and two group rooms are available for two hour time periods in Hay Library. Ask for assistance at the front desk.

Where can I make last-minute copies for my class?
Hay Library will allow up to 25 free copies for adjunct instructors who show their WWCC employee identification card. You can also make copies in the Instructional Support Office, room 1310; at the Information Desk; or at the Print Shop in room A-100.

What if I’m going to be late or miss class?
Please do notify students via Mustang Cruiser e-mail, but Kaye Goicolea, 382-1715, can put a sign on the door of your classroom. Contact the Information Desk at 382-1600 for evening classes.

Dianna Renz

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