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Whatever your concern, there is someone at Western who can help you. WWCC’s organizational charts will help you better understand the chain of command at Western. You might also take a look at the departments involved in College Services. For content area issues or classroom concerns, first contact your division chair. You might also be interested in connecting with other adjunct instructors in your area.

If you’d like to comment on issues related to your work as an adjunct instructor, feel free to contact any member of the Adjunct Advisory Board, or Dianna Renz, Faculty Resources Facilitator. Instructors teaching online should maintain contact with the Distance Education Program, and all instructors should utilize the IT Help Desk when necessary.

Our administrative staff is also available to assist you when necessary.

Executive Council

From left: Jackie Freeze, Karla Leach, Former VP Ken Fitschen, Marty Kelsey.
Back Row from left: Laurie Watkins, Sandy Caldwell, Carla Budd

Dr. Karla Leach, President

Lou Flaim (not pictured), Vice President for Student Learning

Dr. Sandy Caldwell, Associate Vice President for Student Learning

Dr. Jackie Freeze, Vice President for Student Success Services

Laurie Watkins, J.D., Associate Vice President for Student Success Services

Marty Kelsey, Vice President for Administrative Services

Carla Budd, Associate Vice President for  Administrative Services


If you have any questions, please contact Therese Yerkovich at 307-382-1617 or

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