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Faculty Resources


Active Reading = Engaged Learning

Active Reading Techniques

Writing = Critical Thinking

Best Practices with ESL Students



The purpose of the Faculty Resources website is to provide support for both full- and part-time faculty members at Western. This site should be your first stop for information at the beginning of each term.

Perhaps most important, the Faculty Resources Website provides you with multiple Professional Development Opportunities, which you can complete online at your convenience.

Your Faculty Resources website will also remind you about the impact of federal law in your classroom with information on FERPA and Copyright Law.

When starting each semester, you can find helpful materials here, such as the academic calendar, syllabus template, and frequently asked questions.

In addition, this is the place to go to learn about institutional emphases for the classroom, like our Vital Few for Student Learning, which currently focuses on reading and writing across the curriculum.

You’ll also find assistance for modifying your curriculum to meet our Vital Few, with resources like our writing scoring guide templates and the writing formatting guides, which you can hand out to students.


If you have any questions, please contact Therese Yerkovich at 307-382-1617 or

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