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Connecting to Students


Things We Can do to Help Students “Connecting to YOUR students”

The Little Things we Can do:

Before Classes Begin

  • Email your class via MustangCruiser to welcome them to you and the course
  • Remember why we are here, no matter how busy and crazy it gets

In the Classroom the First Week

  • Informal mentoring—show we care
  • Ice Breakers the first day to help people get to know each other and feel more comfortable
  • Share information about support services such as peer tutoring, Smarthinking, Career Services, Counseling
  • Get to know their names as quickly as possible
  • Share something about yourself
  • Encourage the use of the technology we have available to everyone (labs, wireless, Mustang WebAdvisor, Mustang Cruiser)
  • Make the assumption everyone is a first generation college student and knows very little about higher education
  • Don’t terrify them!

In the Classroom as we go through the Semester

  • Group activities that foster interaction and help make connections
  • Encourage study groups
  • Make service referrals if students suddenly change attendance or behavior patterns
  • Identify and talk to students who are struggling early
  • Remind them about events going on around campus and key dates
  • Encourage the use of the technology available to everyone
  • Walk students to support offices if they need help
  • If you are going to be gone some class day and need coverage, consider having a support area that is appropriate come and talk with your class
  • If you encourage someone to drop your class, try to offer alternate suggestions

Outside the classroom the first week

  • Help lost students
  • Encourage students to seek an advisor (maybe an e-mail referring them to XXXX)
  • Use e-mail distribution lists and Campus Cruiser to communicate
  • Review your advisees’ schedules to see if you see “red flags” and See if advisees are adjusting (maybe a welcome e-mail)

Outside the classroom, all semester

  • Informal mentoring—show we care
  • Informal follow-up with advisees
  • Maintain open-door office hours through alternate methods if necessary
  • Use E-mail and Campus Cruiser to communicate
  • Send e-mail through Campus Cruiser to students and/or advisees with tidbits of information
  • Encourage on-campus jobs. They sometimes help students make the connection
  • Encourage attendance/involvement in events
  • Consider doing a presentation as a part of RA programs in the residence halls (related to your field, a hobby, etc.)
  • Involve new faculty in learning the ropes and being able to help students
  • Watch where we have hallway chats about students or just less than positive things
  • Attend athletic events
  • Midterm follow-up with students and advisees
  • Go where students are during downtime (like joining students lunch occasionally in Mitchell’s and the T-Rex)
  • Get involved in connecting early with prospective students
Dianna Renz

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