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Institutional Vision

Western Wyoming Community Collegewas first established in 1959 and has since become a touchstone for Southwestern Wyoming. Western now has 50 years of history behind it, and currently serves students from the local community and around the world.

Western's mission statement is closely aligned with the mission of the Wyoming Community College Commission. The Guiding Principles are our "mission in motion," and impact our day-to-day decision making at Western. The Goals for Student Success ensure that all Western graduates have experience in basic communication, critical thinking, and life skills.

Western Wyoming Community College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, one of six accrediting bodies throughout the nation. The HLC has encouraged institutions to seek reaffirmation of accreditation through the Academic Quality Improvement Program, or AQIP. AQIP processes keep us moving forward in an effort for "continuous quality improvement" of our institution.

Working toward the concept of "continuous quality improvement" means evaluating the institution on a variety of levels, including institutional-level assessment, curriculum-level assessment, program-level assessment, and course-level assessment. Each year the College publishes an Annual Assessment Report, which gives a perspective of assessment results across the institution. The Western in Motion newsletter shares information on amore regular basis. Assessment at the curriculum level results in our Vital Few for Student Learning, which give a cross-curricular focal point each year. Program-level assessment results in Program Portfolios, which offer each program an opportunity for periodic self-reflection.


If you have any questions, please contact Therese Yerkovich at 307-382-1617 or

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