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Teaching for Success


Teaching For Success has been providing support materials to community college instructors for 17 years.


The TFS Focalite series includes online courses that address quality testing, active lectures, and small group work, among others. The Focalite series is designed to be particularly useful for instructors who are new to the field of education or want to brush up on their skills at the college level, but even those who have been teaching at the community college for years could benefit from taking these no-hassle online courses.

News Letters:

Spectrums: The TFS Spectrum includes articles and interviews on the topics of leadership, management, instructional design, communication, and evaluation and testing.

Vol. 20 No. 3 TFS

WaveFront: The WaveFront newsletter functions as a supplement to the Spectrum, reporting relevant news and recent findings.


Solutionary: Articles from the newsletters are catalogued in the Solutionary, a keyword search database that contains helpful information from the last eight years of TFS publications.

Dianna Renz

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