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Financial Aid


WWCC Foundation

The Western Wyoming College Foundation offers a tremendous amount of support in the form of scholarships and grants for our students.   All students are encouraged to apply.  Many of these scholarship are not based on family income, rather on academic potential and major. 

History of Foundation
The Western Wyoming College Foundation was organized to provide a formal organization to receive gifts for the college and at the same keep the donations received separate and apart from the college itself.  Articles of incorporation of Western Wyoming College Foundation were filed with the Secretary of State on July 17, 1968.

Prior to its actual incorporation, the Foundation had received some gifts. The first gift consisted of 25 shares of stock in the Wyoming Industrial Development Corporation donated by the Kemmerer Coal Company and the Lincoln Service Corporation of Frontier, Wyoming.  Glenn Sorenson, President of the companies, arranged the gift.

The next gift was from James and Louis Whisenand of Vista, California.  It was offered by letter on August 23, 1968.  Before the gift was completed, Mr. Whisenand died and Mrs. Whisenand completed the gift in his memory.  The gift consisted of corporate stock, listed on the New York Stock Exchange, of a value of 16, 650.

The Whisenand gift was the contribution which sparked the formation of the foundation.  James and Louisa Whisenand had indicated prior to August 1968 the possibility of a donation and the Foundation was organized in advance to accept the gift when it was made.

Western Wyoming College Foundation Board Members:
John W. Hay III  (President)
Jim Burdick (Vice President)
Dick Boettcher (Secretary/Treasurer)
Karla Leach(Director)
Cindy Bailey (Director)
Mike Yedinak (Director)
Shannon Honaker (Director)

Foundation Website


If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at:

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