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Business Office


Business Office Staff

Business Office Staff
Debra Clawson, Colleen Thomas, Debbie Baker, Anne Shipman, Kimberly Greene, Scarlet Skorcz

Debbie Baker
Director of Finance

Please see Debbie for budget and expenditure questions and any general questions relating to the Business Office.

Anne-Marie Shipman
Accounts Receivable Technician

See Anne Shipman if you wish to cash a payroll or personal check, also if you need to make a payment such as wellness center passes, lockers or tuition.

Debra Clawson
Fixed Assets Accounting Technician

See Debra if you have questions about payroll processing, accounts payable processing, requistions and vendors, fixed assets inventory, direct deposits.

Scarlet Skorcz
Accounts Payable Technician

Please see me for travel cards, purchase orders, both paper and on-line requisitions and vendor questions.

Kimberly Greene
Grants and Accounting Technician

Please see me regarding the Funded Projects Management System, distribution of paychecks, WIA students account information, internal billing, and general inquiries.  I will be happy to help you or direct you in the right direction.

Colleen Thomas
Payroll Accountant

You may contact me for any payroll questions which would also include questions about insurance, retirement, taxes  and any payroll reductions or deductions from your paycheck.  You will also see me about any workers compensation claims.  I also cash checks in the absence of Anne and Kimberly.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at: 307-382-1612

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