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Information Technology


College Owned Computers and Software
Reviews, Approvals, and Relocation

General Information
The Information Technology Department will review for compatibility all computer purchase requests and selected computer software purchase requests and will approve or disapprove all requisitions for computer purchases and software purchases involving the network. Either the Network & PC Support Specialist or the PC Support Technician must initial requisitions for college owned computers. The Network Manager must initial requisitions for network software. Requisitions are valid only for thirty days after obtaining a signature due to the rapid pace of technology and price changes. After thirty days a requisition must be re-submitted to verify price and compatibility.

Information contained in this document is subject to change from time to time. This document is posted in Information Technology webpage.

Computer specifications can be found in the Information Technology webpage. The supervising Vice President determines which computer (desktop and laptop/notebook) a user may purchase, in consultation with the Network & PC Support Specialist or the PC Support Technician, or, in their absence, the Network Manager. These specifications are updated periodically. The specifications include updated hardware within a reasonable price range and which is compatible with the basic software that is used on campus.

Relocating College Computers
Relocation of college computers and associated hardware must be coordinated through the supervising Vice President, the IT department, and the Data Processing/Fixed Asset Clerk who maintains a current inventory and location of computer equipment.

Only the IT department is allowed to move computer hardware from one location to another. Whenever computer hardware is moved, the IT department must immediately contact the Data Processing/Fixed Asset Clerk of the new location (building and room number or description) of the hardware.

Western Wyoming Community College loads the following  software on all computers purchased:

1. Windows Operating System

2. Microsoft Office

3. Symantec Antivirus

4. Acrobat Reader

Network Software
Network software is software which is installed on servers managed by the Information Technology department. If an employee wishes to purchase network software, he/she must consult with the Network Manager prior to making a request for purchase. This is necessary to ensure that the software is compatible with the network and that network users will not be adversely affected by the installation of this software. The Network Manager must approve all purchases of network software.

Stand-Alone Software

Stand-alone software is software which is installed on an individual college owned computer and affects only that computer. If an individual wishes to purchase or otherwise obtain and install stand-alone software, contact the IT department through the HelpDesk and provide a brief description of the software, including the name of the software, vendor, and vendor contact information. This information will then be entered into a database for the PC and used for installation and future trouble-shooting needs.

If problems arise with the software, consult with the IT department and vendor providing the software to resolve the issue.

Users are cautioned to be very careful regarding downloading software from the Web. There are inherent risks associated with some of these downloads which can create problems on your PC.

Users are to contact the IT department if they are unsure about software/hardware compatibility specifications.


If you are having problems please feel free to contact us at: or call us at:
(307)-382-1676 or toll free at 1-800-226-1181

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