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Information Technology


Approval Guidelines for Purchasing
Personal Digital Assistants

The College Administration is supportive of the purchase of Personal Digital Assistants
(PDAs) with College funds when the purchase of the PDA is likely to be of material benefit to the College. When the purchase of a PDA appears to accrue marginal benefit to the College, then the purchase using College funds will not be allowed.

Eligible Employees
Individuals eligible to purchase PDAs with College funds include:

(1) Employees who travel extensively on College business; or
(2) Information Technology Employees who regularly use PDAs in the discharge of their duties; or
(3) Other College employees with unique needs to access data and other information on a regular basis when they are away from their desktop computer.

Employees not deemed eligible to purchase a PDA with College funds, may, of course, purchase a PDA for work purposes with personal resources, but it won=t be supported by the Information Technology Department.

All purchases of PDAs must be approved by the supervising Vice President.

College Support
The College Information Technology Department will support PDAs for those employees authorized to purchase a PDA with College funds, provided the PDA meets the compatibility standards set forth in public folders under Information Technology entitled APDA Standards.@ These standards address issue such as operating systems, com port connections, and proprietary software.

PDAs purchased with College funds remain the property of WWCC.


If you are having problems please feel free to contact us at: or call us at:
(307)-382-1676 or toll free at 1-800-226-1181

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