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Information Technology



*Please note a quick and easy way to override a pop up that is blocked is to simply hold down the Ctrl button on your keyboard as you click the BlackBoard tab. If this does not work, follow the instructions below:

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or Greater

Select Tools from the Internet Explorer menu bar.

Select Internet Options.

Select the Privacy tab.

Select the Advanced button.

Place a check next to Override automatic cookie handling.

Place a check next to Always allow session cookies.

Select the OK button.

Select the Settings button

Under Address of Web site to allow:, type

Select the Add button

Select the Close button

Select the Security tab.

Select the Custom Level button.

Under Reset custom settings, use the dropdown arrow to select medium.

Select the OK button.

            Select the General tab.

Under Temporary Internet files, select the Settings button.

Under Check for newer versions of stored pages,

select the option for every visit to the page.

Under Amount of disk space to use,

select 2 to 10 MB with the up and down arrows.

Select the OK button.

Select the Delete Files button, select the OK button.

Select the Delete Cookies, select the OK button.

    (The Delete Files and Delete Cookies should be done on a regular basis)

Select the OK button at the bottom of the Internet Options window.

Now select the Refresh button, or select View from the menu bar and select Refresh.


Enabling cookies on your browser will help prevent authentication errors when logging into many web applications.  Cookies cannot infect your computer with viruses.  To find out more about cookies, visit the Microsoft web site at:

For help with other versions of browsers, contact Blackboard Help at (307) 382-1686 or (800) 226-1181.  We will try to help you select the best settings to prevent errors.  WWCC uses Microsoft Internet Explorer so we are most familiar with its settings and support issues.  Because we do not use other browsers on our campus we can only offer minimal support.

You can also visit the web sites for Microsoft to download and install the most recent version of browser available for your computer’s operating system. 


If you are having problems please contact Blackboard Help at (307) 382-1686 or (800) 226-1181.

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