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WWCC Intramurals

Philosophy of Intramurals
The goal of the intramural program at Western is to provide an environment for students to stay active, healthy, and give them an outlet for fun. We want all students, both full-time and part-time, to enjoy their educational experience in and out of the classroom. Providing a variety of intramural sports and activities allows students to meet others and work off stress. The WWCC intramural program provides every student with the opportunity to participate in both athletic and non-athletic activities, as individual time permits.Pool

All WWCC students (full-time and part-time), Faculty, and staff are eligible to participate in all activities sponsored by the intramural department.
Faculty and staff are not eligible to compete in extramural tournaments.
Students participating in the Men's and Women's Basketball or Women's Volleyball programs are not eligible to compete in the intramural basketball and/or volleyball programs.
A participant may only play for one team in any team event. Once a person plays with a team, they are committed to that team throughout all play.

Intramural Events
Below is a sample of the different intramural activities offered here at WWCC.
If you don't see an event that you are interested in, then remember, this program is always flexible and open to suggestion for any new events.
Please Ask!!!!!!

Fall Events Spring Events

Sand Volleyball
Tennis (Singles)
Co-Ed Outdoor Soccer
Co-Ed Ultimate Frisbee
8-Ball Singles Tournaments
(Men's and Women's Divisions)
Co-Ed Flag Football
Co-Ed Inner tube Water Polo
Volleyball (Men's and Women's)
Pre-Season Basketball Tournaments
(Men's and Women's Divisions)

9-Ball Singles Tournaments
(Men's and Women's Divisions)
Basketball (Men's and Women's)
(Men's and Women's and Mixed)
Co-Ed Volleyball
Co-Ed Indoor Soccer
Tennis (Doubles)
Co-Ed Softball Tournament

Spring 2012 Schedule

BasketballRegistration Information
Promotional material will be distributed around campus prior to the beginning of each intramural event. This will let students know the who, what, when, and where of each event.
Registration for an individual event may be completed at the Intramural Office Room 1329 or the Game room. To register, put your name and phone number on the registration form supplied for that event. A bracket drawing for the event will take place on the day of the registration deadline.
For team activities, all registration is done at the Intramural Office Room 1329. There is a team registration form that the captain needs to sign, and a roster form that the captain takes with him/her. The roster form is due at the time of the scheduled captain's meeting for that particular sport or activity.

You can also register on-line for team and individual events. Just click on the Intramurals Form Page at left.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at:

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