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100 Typical Answers

1. Red, White, and Blue

2. 50

3. White

4. One for each state in the Union

5. 13

6. Red and White

7. They represent the original 13 states

8. 50

9. Independence Day

10. July 4

11. England

12. England

13. George Washington

14. Barack H. Obama

15. Joe Biden

16. The Electoral College

17. Vice President

18. Four Years

19. The supreme law of the land

20. Yes

21. Amendments

22. 26

23. 3

24. Legislative, Executive, and Judiciary

25. Congress

26. Congress

27.The Senate and the House of Representatives

28. To make laws

29. The people

30. 100

31. (Local Information)

32. 6 Years

33. 435

34. 2 Years

35. The President, Cabinet, and departments under the Cabinet

36. The Supreme Court

37. To interpret laws the Constitution

38. Constitution

39. The First 10 Amendments of the Constitution

40. (Local Information)

41. (Local Information)

42. Speaker of the House of Representatives

43. William Rehnquist

44. Connecticut, New Hampshire, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Rhode Island, and Maryland

45. Patrick Henry

46. Germany, Italy, and Japan

47. Hawaii and Alaska

48. 2

49. A Civil Rights Leader

50. (Local Information)

51. Must be a natural born citizen of the United States; Must be at least 35 years old by the time he/she will serve; Must have lived in the United States for at least 14 years

52. Two from each state

53. Appointed by the President

54. Nine

55. For religious freedom

56. Governor

57. Mayor

58. Thanksgiving

59. Thomas Jefferson

60. July 4, 1776

61. That all men are created equal

62. The Star Spangled Banner

63. Francis Scott Key

64. The Bill of Rights

65. 18

66. The President

67. The Supreme Court

68. Abraham Lincoln

69. Freed many slaves

70. The Cabinet

71. George Washington

72. Form N-400, "Application to file petition for naturalization"

73. The American Indians (Native Americans)

74. The Mayflower

75. Colonies

76. (A) The right of freedom of speech, press, religion, peaceable assembly, and requesting change of government.

    A. The right to bear arms (The right to have weapons or own a gun, though subject to certain regulations)

    B. The Government may not quarter, or house, soldiers in the people's homes during peacetime without the people's consent.

    C. The government may not search or take a person's property without a warrant.

    D. A person may not be tried twice for the same crime and does not have to testify against him/herself.

    E. A person charged with a crime still have some rights, such as the right to a trial and to have a lawyer.

    F. The right to trial by jury in most cases.

    G. Protects people against excessive or unreasonable fines or cruel and unusual punishment.

    H. The people have rights other than those mentioned in the constitution.

    I. Any power not given to the federal government by the constitution is a power of either the state or the people.

    77. The congress

    78. Democracy

    79. Abraham Lincoln

    80. 1787

    81. The Bill of Rights

    82. For countries to discuss and try to resolve world problems; to provide economic aid to many countries.

    83. In the capitol in Washington, DC

    84. Everyone (Citizens and Non-citizens living in the U.S.)

    85. The Preamble

    86. Obtain federal government jobs; travel with a U.S. Passport; petition for close relatives to come to the U.S. to live

    87. The right to vote

    88. The place where congress meets

    89. The President's official home

    90. Washington, DC (1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW)

    91. The White House

    92. Freedom of; speech, press, religion, peaceable assembly, and requesting change of the government.

    93. The president

    94. George Washington

    95. November

    96. January

    97. There is no limit

    98. There is no limit

    99. Democratic and Republican

    100. Fifty (50)


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