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General Education Development (GED)

The Learning Center at WWCC provides GED preparation and testing on the Rock Springs and Green River campuses.  Services are also available at outreach sites in Afton, Kemmerer, and Pinedale.  Individuals wanting to obtain their GED should contact the closest outreach center to schedule a pretest.

The General Educational Development tests are a five-part series that evaluates general competency levels in the areas of English, reading, math, science and social studies.  The tests are normed against high school seniors nationwide.

The GED program is open to out of school youth ages 16 and older. 16 and 17 year old students must apply for an age waiver from the State Adult Basic Education Director in order to test.  Applications for age waivers are available from the Learning Center.

What is the purpose of the GED test?
The GED tests certify the attainment of subject matter, knowledge and skills associated with high school completion.  The GED credential reflects the acquisition of academic skills and proficiencies widely viewed as necessary for social and economic advancement (GEDTS).

GED recipients are eligible for admission to most colleges and are also eligible for scholarships and financial aid.

What are the GED tests like?
The GED test is comprised of five subtests which are multiple choice format with five possible answers to select from.  A 250 word essay is required for the Writing Skills Test.

Language Arts, Writing (50 questions & written essay 120 minutes.)

bulletSentence Structure 30%
bulletUsage 30%
bulletMechanics 25%
bulletOrganization 15%

Social Studies (50 questions, 70 minutes)

bulletHistory 40%
bulletCivics and Government 25%
bulletEconomics 20%
bulletGeography 15%

Science (50 questions, 80 minutes)

bulletLife Science 45%
bulletEarth and Space Science 20%
bulletPhysical Science 35%

Language Art, Reading (40 questions, 65 minutes)

bulletLiterary Texts 75%
bulletNonfiction Texts 25%

Mathematics (part # 1- 25 questions (calculator), part # 2 - 25 questions, 90 minutes)

bulletNumber Operations and Number Sense 20%-30%
bulletMeasurement and Geometry 20%-30%
bulletData Analysis, Statistics and Probability 20%-30%
bulletAlgebra Functions, and Patterns 20%-30%

What is the passing score?
A total of 2250 points is required in order to pass the GED.  This is an average of 450 points on each sub-test.  No score below 410 points is accepted.

What is the process for taking the GED test?


Call the Learning  Center and schedule a pre-test.  This test predicts your ability to successfully pass the GED Test and is required for admission to the GED program.


Meet with an instructor and discuss pre-test scores.  The instructor will recommend classes if needed.  Those students who are 16 or 17 years old will schedule a time to complete the age waiver process.


Complete required paperwork, pay fees and schedule an appointment to test. Testing is scheduled four times a month.
Please note: Two forms of identification are required at all testing sessions.  One must be a picture ID.


Attend Cap & Gown Graduation in May (optional)


If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at:

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