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Reading skills are fundamental to success in college and in the workplace.  The Learning Center reading classes stress mastery of reading skills through development of vocabulary and comprehension and through a variety of mediums.

Reading Skills or Reading Skills Internet - 1 Credit
This course covers the fundamentals of good reading skills and the application of these skills to
assist students in becoming more efficient readers.

BAS 0510 or
BAS 0510NT

Students improve their spelling skills using a phonetics or rules approach.

BAS 0640

This course is designed to facilitate textbook reading skills for non-native and international students.

BAS 0910

Speed Reading - 1 Credit
Students learn to increase their pace of reading without sacrificing understanding. This course
is designed for those students who already have good comprehension and vocabulary skills.
Prerequisite: None

HMDV 1100

College Vocabulary - 1 Credit
This course is recommended for students who have good reading skills and want to expand their knowledge of words.
Prerequisite: None

HMDV 1110

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