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Writing classes provide instruction in developing a five paragraph essay which includes the introduction (topic sentence and introduction of supports), development of supports, and a conclusion. Students also receive instruction in brainstorming, outlining, communicating, and writing to a specific audience.  Different writing styles such as narrative, compare/contrast, and descriptive are taught. Students are evaluated by a portfolio of assigned writings and post-tests.

Grammar classes provide instruction in basic grammar and are required for students in Basic English.

Writing Skills  - 1 credit
This course provides individualized instruction to help students improve their college level
writing skills. This is a preparatory course for Basic English or is a complement to other writing

BAS 0620

Grammar Skills  - 1 credit
This course covers parts of speech, sentence structure, grammatical correctness, punctuation and capitalization

BAS 0630

Spelling Skills - 1 credit
This course helps students to improve their spelling skills using a phonetics or rules approach.

BAS 0640

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