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Policies and Procedures


Atrium Usage Agreement

We are pleased that you wish to use the WWCC Atrium (Whisenand Center) for your event.  The College is proud of this unique facility and appreciate that community groups want to use it.  However, because it is in such demand, we try to make every effort to keep it as clean and attractive as possible.  Therefore, we ask that users read and agree to abide by the following regulations.  By signing this form, you are agreeing to be responsible for this event and to abide by these guidelines.

Before an Event 
Users must discuss with the WWCC Custodial Services Department their specific needs, designate individuals who will be responsible, and specify times for set up and clean up.  Upon request, certain supplies and equipment may be made available for cleanup purposes after or during the event.

When the Atrium is being decorated and set up, one of the responsible individuals listed below must be on site.

If you want plants and trees in the Atrium to be moved, notify Custodial Services before the event.  Please do not move them  yourself.  Some are fragile, and when spilled, the black dirt stains the carpet.

The College knows that users often want to decorate the Atrium.  You may decorate for your event in any way that does not cause damage to the facility or impact future users.  The following guidelines have evolved as a result of experience where we know damage can be caused.

  • Choose decorations that will not stain the walls or carpet.  Crepe paper cannot be used.  We suggest ribbon in lieu of crepe paper.

  • Please attach items to painted surfaces with poster putty or some other removable adhesive that will not damage the paint.  Our Bookstore sells poster putty.  Tape cannot be used because it damages the paint.
  • Please do not burn any candles or have any other type of flame because of the danger of fire.
  • The College may allow the user to utilize our electric lift to aid in decorating, but only after an individual 21 or older (or an approved WWCC student) has been trained by College personnel.  Only two individuals will be trained in the operation of the lift, and only these individuals may operate the lift.
  • If you wish to decorate with balloons, please take precautions to prevent balloons from floating to the Atrium ceiling as it is time consuming for the College staff to remove them.  You may use the College lift to remove the balloons.
  • Please do not place decorations on the T-Rex.  Although it looks like a powerful structure, it is delicate and expensive.  Enjoy it, but place your decorations elsewhere.
  • Smoke and dry ice machines are prohibited (because these will set off the large smoke removal fans and the smoke evacuation system will activate).

During an Event 
At least one of the responsible individuals must be on site.  If any kind of clean up is needed during the event, contact Protective Services.  Users are responsible for any damages to College facilities caused by event participants.

Catered Food Service 
All food services at WWCC are catered through Sodexho to insure quality to your guests.  Please contact WWCC food service at least five days prior to your event.  This will allow them to make suggestions, offer seasonal products and make any special arrangements as needed.  A catering guide can be found on our website or by calling 382-1674 and requesting a copy.

  • The College has found that certain beverages can permanently stain the carpet and because of this fact, Sodexho will NOT serve the following beverages:

           -  Dark colored fruit juices such as grape juice or cranberry juice

           -  Dark colored punches, particularly Hawaiian Punch or similar red    punches

  • Please clean up any liquids spilled on the Atrium carpet immediately or report to custodial staff immediately.
  • No alcoholic beverages may be served or consumed on College property.

After the Event
As part of the facility request, you will specify the total time you will need the event.  Be sure that you include set up and clean up time.  We often have events that follow closely behind each other so adherence to the timelines is critical.  The Atrium must be left in an orderly condition with all decorations removed from the building or put in trash receptacles.  The College's custodial staff will do the final clean up.

If, as a result of tight scheduling demands, the College custodial staff must work overtime (such as a weekend) to clean the Atrium prior to the next scheduled event, the users will be responsible for paying the College's cost for this overtime.  This cost will be determined when the users are making arrangements to use the Atrium.  This requirement applies to non-College events. Users must notify Protective Services or other College personnel before leaving the building.

During inclement weather or if the back area of the Atrium is muddy, please do not enter or leave through the rear doors of the Atrium.  You will track in mud that stains the carpet. 


__________________________     Complete Listing of Individuals
Signature     Responsible for This Event
__________________________     ___________________________
Printed Name  
Telephone Number     ___________________________
__________________________     ___________________________

Responsible persons must be 21 years of age of older, or an approved WWCC student.

Approved by WWCC Executive Council

July 18, 2000
Revised February 4, 2003

Revised January 11, 2005

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