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Policies and Procedures


General Administrative Regulation
Student Clubs Use of Motor Pool


Approved Western Wyoming Community College student clubs may use the College Motor Pool for approved club trips provided all of the conditions below are satisfied:

  • Approval of the trip is at the sole discretion of the supervising Vice President. The trip approval form must be completed and signed by the supervising Vice President. The Physical Resources Department must be given a copy.
  • The club must pay to the Motor Pool the current mileage charge-back rate for all trips, local or out-of-area.
  • A faculty or staff sponsor (College employee, excluding student employees) must accompany the club on the trip unless the trip is in the immediate Rock Springs/Green River area.
  • The trip must serve a relevant educational purpose related to the club’s charter and must be an official club activity.
  • A trip itinerary must be filed with and approved by the supervising vice president and at least one individual on the trip must carry a cell phone with the number listed on the itinerary.
  • A listing of students and sponsor(s) going on the trip (those who actually depart) must be given to the Information Desk.
  • All current Western Wyoming Community College driving policies and procedures must be followed.
  • Trips involving travel over rough “back roads” are not allowed.

Approved: Executive Council: June 17, 2003

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