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Honors Program


Honors courses are among the best learning experiences that Western has to offer: experienced instructors teaching in their areas of special expertise to engaged students in small, interactive environments!

Any student with a 3.25 College GPA, a 25 ACT, or instructor permission is welcome to enroll! Just sign up; no special signatures are needed.

Click here for a list of the Spring 2015 Honors courses (or see page 19 of the Spring Schedule).

Questions? Contact Honors Program director Rick Kempa, office #1414.


Honors Program

The Western Wyoming Community College Honors Program is designed for students with excellent academic records, intellectual curiosity, and above-average enthusiasm for learning.  The Honors Program’s mission is to challenge bright students by encouraging learning communities within the classroom and opportunities for growth outside the classroom. Through field trips and classroom interaction, students form lifelong friendships with others who share their commitment to learning. 

Honors Program students are selected each year through a process of application and essay.  (See “Applying to the Honors Program” below.)

The college also offers eight to ten courses per year, which are open not just to Honors Program students but to other qualified students as well. (See “Enrolling in Honors Courses” below.) 

At left: Honors students elevate themselves at the 2007 National Honors convention



All students admitted to the Honors Program participate in a special Honors Introduction to Humanities Seminar.  This seminar includes several field trips, as students examine the role of the arts and humanities in the human experience.  As part of this course, students attend symphonies, plays, museums, and other cultural events at college expense.

Honors Program students also pursue an individual research project, working closely with a faculty mentor.  This project allows them to investigate a topic of their choice, become familiar with research methods, and develop their own expertise on a topic of personal interest, giving their education a highly individual stamp.Honors Program

Honors Program students are required to enroll in two honors courses per academic year (including the Seminar), and are eligible to take as many as they wish.

Top Honors students may also be invited to attend regional or national honors conventions, funds permitting.

At right: Testing the waters at the
Salt Lake City Library


bulletIncoming freshmen can apply for admission to the Honors Program if they have a 25 ACT or 1700 SAT, and 3.5 high school GPA.
bulletStudents with a cumulative 3.5 GPA in college coursework may apply to be in the Honors Program their second year.
bulletWWCC faculty may also nominate students, who are then invited to apply.
bulletStudents who receive the WWCC Superior Student Scholarship and students transferring to WWCC from other honors programs will automatically be admitted to the WWCC Honors Program.

A letter of recommendation from an instructor familiar with the applicant's achievements and potential is encouraged but not required. Applications are screened and selected in the spring for the following fall semester on the basis of academic records, letters of recommendation, and the application essay. Priority deadlines for application are April 1 for returning sophomores and May 10 for incoming freshmen. To get a copy of the application click here for adobe PDF and click here for Microsoft Word or you may fill out the application online by following this link.

If you have questions contact:

Rick Kempa
Honors Program Director
Rm 1414


Honors Program students are expected to:

checkMaintain a GPA of at least 3.25.
checkEnroll in two honors courses per academic year

Any student who fails to maintain the required GPA has one semester on probation before being dropped from the Honors Program.


Students who have participated in the WWCC Honors Program will be automatically accepted into the honors programs at Honors Programthe University of Wyoming, Weber State University, Utah State University, and numerous other colleges as well.  In addition, colleges and universities throughout the nation recognize the Honors Program designation on a student's transcript as a sign of superior work.


Each year, the Honors Program offers eight to ten Honors courses in a wide range of disciplines.  These courses are designed to bring together talented students from all majors.  Taught by some of Western’s best faculty, they are innovative, intellectually stimulating, and limited in size. 


Above: Group photo—27 strong!—at the Denver Performing Arts Complex, September 2007

Honors courses are open to:

bulletNew freshmen with a 25 ACT or 1700 SAT or a 3.5 high school GPA
bulletStudents with a cumulative 3.25 GPA in college coursework
bulletRecipients of WWCC Honors or Excellence in Academics Scholarships
bulletStudents with instructor permission
bulletMembers of the Honors Program



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