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Pre-Health Sciences


Program for A.S. Degree with an emphasis in:

  • bulletPre-Dentistry
  • bulletPre-Pharmacy
  • bulletPre-Veterinary Medicine
  • bulletPre-Medicine
  • bulletPre-Physical Therapy

The suggested courses in these programs can vary, depending on the college to which a student will transfer to complete their undergraduate education. It will also vary according to the chosen major. Most colleges today do not have a “pre-med” major, for example. Students can choose from a variety of majors (biology, physiology, and chemistry are three common choices). Students are encouraged to check the catalogs of the transfer institutions in which they are interested, and adjust their course choices accordingly. The following curricula should cover
the vast majority of situations students will encounter.

Suggested Program for Associate of Science in the Pre-Health Sciences


If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at:

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