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Technology & Industry

Associate of Applied Science Degrees


Automotive Technology

bulletA.A.S. Degree in Automotive Technology bullet1 yr. - Automotive Technology Certificate
bulletAlternative Fuel Vehicle Technology Certificate

Diesel Technology / Heavy Equipment Maintenance

bulletA.A.S. Degree in Diesel & Heavy Equipment Mechanics bullet45 Hour- Diesel & Heavy Equipments Maintenance Certificate
bullet1 yr. - Diesel Technoloy Certificate
bullet1 yr.- Diesel Tech with CDL Certificate

Electrical and Instrumentation Technology

bulletA.A.S. Degree in Electrical & Instrumentation Technology bullet1 yr.- Electrical / Instrumentation / Control Technology Certificate
bullet24 hour- Electricity Certificate

Industrial Maintenance

bulletA.A.S. Degree in Industrial Maintenance bullet1 yr. - Mechanics / Hydraulics Option Certificate
bullet1 yr. - Mechanics / Welding Option Certificate
bullet1 yr. - Power Plant Maintenance Mechanics Certificate
bullet1 yr. - Surface Maintenance Cerificate
bullet1 yr. - Underground Maintenance Mechanics Certificate
bulletMaintenance Mechanic Certificate for Industry Certificate

Industrial Safety

bulletA.A.S. Degree in Industrial Safety bulletIndustrial Safety Certificate

Mining Maintenance

bulletA.A.S. Degree in Mining Maintenance Technology bullet1 yr. - Mining Maintenance Tech. Certificate
bullet1 yr. - Electrical Mine Maintenance Certificate

Natural Gas Compression Technology

bulletA.A.S. Degree in Natural Gas Compression Technology
bullet1 yr.- Natural Gas Compression Tech. Certificate

Oil & Gas Technology

bulletA.A.S. Degree in Oil & Gas Production Technology bullet1 yr.- Oil & Gas Production Operator Certificate

Welding Technology

bulletA.A.S Degree in Welding Technology Fabrication Shop Option
bulletA.A.S Degree in Welding Technology Mine Maintenance Option
bulletA.A.S Degree in Welding Technology Industrial Plant Option
bullet1 yr.- Welding Tech. Fabrication Shop Option Certificate
bullet1 yr.- Welding Tech. Industrial Plant Option Certificate
bullet1 yr.- Welding Tech. Mine Maintenance Option Certificate

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